Let Me Blog, Please!!

I know that this should not interest any reader of my blogs; but, I am attemptin’ a new approach on WordPress as I am bloggin’ right now. Even though it states that it is by Susanclaire at the top … it’s really your ole guy who’s bloggin’!! And did you notice I italicized and darkened it … wow!! I may have found the solution to usin’ this “blog assist software program”! I just changed the “author notice” to Emiel aka Emiliano Meisel … I’m hummin’ now … it’s gonna work, I just know it. And you are present … it’s happenin’ live in front of you.

Today is Monday and I think it’s the day that Roger Stone, the Trump crony who made contact with Wikileaks and Julian Asaunge (sp?) — it’s his day to come before the female judge, again … and I hope she sends him straight to jail. It’s also 3 days before “Pi Day” — the thingey that lets you use whole numbers when dealin’ with circles ( remember 3.14). Then on the next day (3/15) — it’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s 86th birthday. The wife and I sent her a birthday card and told her to “please hang in there; we’d be lost without her” — actually, it’s my grandchild that will suffer if we don’t get a couple of lefties on the “big court” sooner, rather than later. Then on March 17th we will wear the green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also Joe Goldfarb’s 102nd birthday and I’m sure we’ll have a party here at CAN#2 (Casa de los Ancianos del Norte #2). Joe is one of our two Holocaust survivors and I have blogged a number of times about the guy — he never misses an exercise class, a BINGO session, an entertainment hour … and once a week he holds his own session of playin’ recordin’s of his ole tapes of Yiddish music. In April — on the 15th, “tax day” — it’ll be the birthday of our other Holocaust survivor and out breakfast tablemate Dorin Mathis; but she’s a youngster — she’ll only become 94. And in May, on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), it’ll be Alma’s 102nd … and I cannot remember Alma’s last name. She’s our Smith College grad and when we were all livin’ at the Westwood CAN#1, her family had a big blowout for her 100th birthday — so we had to celebrate the Mexican anniversary of the Battle of Pueblo (5/5) on May 4th — Quatro de Mayo!! [aside: I wrote a past blog about Cinco de Mayo … it just isn’t a very important holiday in Mexico. The Los Angeles folks just decided to have a big party, with lots of mariachis and loud music and lots of margaritas. There’s nothin’ wrong with that … it just isn’t a big holiday in Mexico!!]

OK, folks … here comes the big test. I will try to preview and then publish this blog. Only God knows whether it will work. So, here goes … 1st a preview check. Be right back! (I hope)

I am back!! It worked but not as I would have predicted and I don’t think I am usin’ the procedure that WordPress would recommend … but I say, if it works … flaunt it!! ‘nuf ……….

Choosin’ A Topic For Bloggin’ …

There’s so much goin’ on in our country right now — it’s hard for your blogger to pick a subject. Our current president gives this ole guy somethin’ to react to — maybe every hour or so (and I don’t even “tweet”). But, I have become a Facebook junkie. I like so many things about Facebook — that don’t relate or refer to our current political situation. Yes, I know, FB is full of current news about politics, world events, etc. But, it’s also full of humor … and this fun stuff can come from very unexpected sources. Well, a couple of items have blown me away this mornin’ — enough, that I called the wife over to show her. The first one I will have to describe (sufficiently, I hope) but the second, I will blog “verbatim”. So, let me start

There was a contest on the beach at Port Aransas, TX, for sand sculptures. The FB post that showed up on my screen was a photo of the winner. I think you all (y’all, where I come from) know how serious and important to the sand artists these contests are. It’s no place for an amateur. [aside: If I was expert in all this computer stuff, I would offer you an entry to the website that you could just “click on” — I have tried this, and for some reason it does not work satisfactorily (and not sure if it’s me or WordPress). My suggestion is for you to google “Results – 2019 Texas SandFest” and that’s how your 94+ year-ole blogger would handle it!] My description is that the winnin’ sculpt is a replica of President Abraham Lincoln sittin’ in that massive chair — a replica of the “Lincoln Memorial“. However, the sand-artist moved one of Lincoln’s hands to his forehead — indicatin’ complete frustration with our current political scene. No words, no statements … just the pose with Lincoln’s hand to his head with my guess for the the “unsaid statement”: “Oh God, I thought the Civil War had ended!” The wife got a big kick out of this when I showed it to her. [aside: I only show her the real interestin’ or very funny things that show up on the computer — it was a twosome today!]

A second “fun” discovery (re: Facebook) today was a replica of a poster in front of a church in France — its message was translated thusly: “When you enter this church it may be possible that you hear ‘the call of God!’. However, it is unlikely that he will call you on your mobile. Thank you for turning off your phones. If you want to talk to God, enter, choose a quiet place — and talk to Him. If you want to see Him, send Him a text while driving. Now send me a comment and tell me that you did not laugh!!

I know a lot of you blog-readers are ex-Facebook enthusiasts — and a few of you think it’s just too personal, or too political, or too icky (whatever you want that to mean)! I did not join until the wife and I returned from our 24-year stint south-of-the-border (even though we had received a few “invites”) — it was mid-2014; and it can get a bit lonely in an apartment within a senior community building. So, why not!! I joined the club! It is a connection to the outside world — and you can choose your friends  (and later, unfriend, if it suits you). But, the two examples discussed above — are reason enough to stick with Facebook … and enjoy. As the ole song stated: “you can accentuate the positive; and eliminate the negative” — and you have a choice with “mister in-between”!! ‘nuf ………





A Blogger in a Senior Community!? ……. Is it good or bad?? — or who cares!!

Preface: I’m gonna repeat somethin’ I recently described in an earlier blog — it just fits in here: good ole Maimonides, considered one of the greatest Jewish philosophers of the middle ages, is credited with: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!”.  My personal take on this morsel of great knowledge is: Give an ole guy a computer, and he emails family, friends and reads the daily news; teach him to blog, and he becomes dangerous as he exposes all the ills in his world. Well, it happened again, so please read on …………

It all started in Westwood — that fantastic community adjacent to the UCLA campus — where a resident/individual can find and/or purchase anything and everything — a store or enterprise to solve every possible need imaginable. There exists there — an over-50-year-ole ex-UCLA-dormitory that had been utilized in recent times for older folks who enjoyed independent livin’. This facility provided all their needs — a large dinin’ area with a kitchen servin’ 3 meals a day; a readin’ room and library on the mezzanine (2nd floor); an in-house presence of a company which provided care-givers for assisted livin’, a program director to plan and offer activities for the older set. Included for the resident was limo service within a specified distance — and with the proximity to the UCLA Medical Health Facilities,  a free UCLA jitney service — these factors made it an ideal location for the elderly. But, at the end of 2016, a new owner, which operates and manages oodles of facilities for the aged — nationwide (for both independent and assisted-livin’) — well, this management firm wanted to completely re-model and refurbish this very ole 14-story structure.

But, at that moment in time, there were over 120 aged residents housed in the buildin’ (which I had nicknamed the CAN (Casa de los Ancianos del Norte — havin’ moved from our home in Mexico in mid-2014). What happened was uncalled for — an executive from the firm called a meeting and told the assembled residents — when almost all in the audience were in either a wheel chair, or required the use of a walker or a cane. He advised them that they would have to leave the premises within 120 days. [aside: This was false (and I do believe intentional) because California law states that any resident over 62 years old would be allowed a full year to find new livin’ quarters.] This scare tactic was followed up the next mornin’ with “eviction notices” attached to all residents’ doors! Can you imagine the turmoil and fear this brought forth both individually and as a group — I would estimate that the average age of the entire group was in the mid-to-high-80’s! Somethin’ had to be done …

That’s where this blogger had to step in — only a few minutes after the exec made his dramatic statement re: “120-days” … your blogger left the meetin’ and went to his apartment and … commenced his first blog on the issue-at-hand. It was titled: “Susan, ya have 2 “wanderin’ jews”… etc. — and for the first time I realized that I was a sorta spokesperson (or blog-person) for this aged community. I suddenly had a purpose in my old age (bein’ barely 92 at the time) — with the computer, and now a blogger, I could keep management informed and advised if issues need be adressed. [aside: That’s the nicest way that I can describe my role at our senior community. I am positive that facility owner/managers would use a few other terms to describe my frequent emails and blogs. But, there is nothin’ malicious in this blogger’s intent — it as always for the good of the community — our senior community!! That was why I advised our local NBC TV news reporter that we ole folks were gonna protest and march — wheelchairs, walkers, canes and caregivers, each holdin’ a small sign “Ole Lives Matter”. It worked — we made the evenin’ news and the challenge was on!! And I sent my continuin’  blogs to the L.A. Times, to our local city councilman, to our Mayor, etc. Also included in the addressee list — were all the upper management and financial backers of the new owners of our facility. And ultimately, after slightly over a year from the initial notice of the building refurbishment — the wife and I moved to another senior livin’ community!

So, here’s an ole guy with a computer — he’s a blogger and a very conscientious emailer — and he immediately notices some discrepancies and lack of attention to some areas that definitely needed improvement. The kitchen folks produce those three daily meals — and the dinin’ room staff delivers same, attendin’ to the food’s proper delivery to a table — sans dirty dishes and silverware. The concept of “bussin'” was an immediate issue that was tackled — and it improved rather quickly. The lack of a sufficient number of coffee mugs (rather than cups) was equally addressed with a quick order from a supplies company. However, there was and remains an issue with the food itself — and frequently, it’s the soups that are offered for lunch and dinner. Even though they have improved in total, there are specific instances when the soup offerin’ is very, very, very unacceptable. It happened today — when chicken consommé was offered.  The wife and I ordered it; the result was a yellow -colored, hot liquid that tasted like hot salt water. We both set it aside. 

On Fridays for dinner, a resident may order matzo ball soup (a large percentage of residents here are Jewish). For the entire time we have resided here, we have always ordered the matzo ball soup. And after every Friday dinner, we have complained that the soup is distasteful. So, for lunch today, we were thrilled that one of the two soups was “chicken consommé” — the cooks decided to make a tasty soup (consommé) for lunch and dinner — to which a matzo ball could be added for the evenin’ meal. This was a possible solution to this constant ongoin’ and irritatin’ issue.  [aside: Recent offerin’s of chicken consommé, here, have been delicious. A month ago,  I was very pleased after I carried some extra servin’s of the consommé to my room to counter a cold and a cough. It worked like a charm. It was a very tasty soup!! So, problem solved — the kitchen did know how to make a decent chicken consommé.] — BUT, an email to the kitchen advised that both the wife and I had set it aside — it was nothin’ more than “yellow salt water”. Thus, I sent an email to the “Food Services Director” (he’s not classified as a chef) — and the entire experience generated this blog. ‘nuf ……….

Make America “Sane” Again …

At my ripe ole age, I am not sure I can remember when America was truly “sane” — and truthfully, the concept that we can think that it is possible, well — that’s what makes these United States so great to me!! Early on, I had been very fortunate to receive an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy; and after a few years, become a naval aviator; and meet a tiny, bubbly Texan (a real chili pepper); then father three great and industrious children; to finally spend 30 years workin’ for the IBM Corporation! We were livin’ in a somewhat wealthy community in Westport, CT when I retired (or gave up my payin’ job). At the conclusion of their management careers in IBM, some of my associates were hired by various companies to exploit their expertise — at that time.  IBM was a well-respected company — and managers, there, could develop some much-needed people-management experience. In my case, the companies that were knockin’ at my door when I retired would have been a “downer” to me —  and havin’ spent a couple of years in Europe with IBM — the concept of livin’ in a foreign country after my 30 years at IBM — was a tantalizin’ idea that the wife and I had  discussed frequently — plus  the cost-of-livin’ in Westport, CT (where we were livin’ at the time) with those weekly treks into the big city for all of its various and not inexpensive offerin’s — all of this was constantly preyin’ on our minds in those last years with IBM. [aside: We actually did stay in place for a few months — but, we ultimately realized that it would take a major lifestyle change, if we remained in place. [aside, within an aside: However, that two-story duplex in Green Farms, CT, sure did become an extremely valuable investment — but we never regretted our ultimate move!]]

So, the wife and I “escaped” to Mexico and lived South of the Border full time — startin’ in October 1990. It was 24 years later, when health issues got the better of both of us — that’s when daughter Susan flew down and packed up her mom and dad and shipped us back to Los Angeles. It was in the early summer in 2014, the wife had a very serious, sudden and “first-and-only” ulcer attack — followed by a “Mexican 911 call”–  and a ride to the hospital in an ambulance. I was one frightened gringo — I had found her on the floor in our 2nd bedroom with “her bathroom” adjacent (she liked the idea of havin’ her own retreat). She must have been on her way to it — when she had collapsed on the floor. Jeez! I was one frightened “puppy” — or a scared Mexican Hairless!! When Susan arrived at the hospital that next mornin’, Harriette was sittin’ up and was laughingly happy to suddenly see her daughter — “what’s the problem??” she voiced!!

The wife was in her mid-80’s and I was a few months shy of becomin’ a nonagenarian. Neither of us were ready to leave our independent and very relaxed life-style south of the border. Truly … livin’ in San Miguel de Allende, where every day can be an adventure (if you are open to every-day excitement — each bein’ a little different than the one before — whether it’s a language issue; or a historic event in a town (with its very-storied past); or a new restaurant to experience; or a surprise visitor or guest (who just popped in)! These were the things that kept us young (at least in our hearts). San Miguel is one of the most interestin’ towns in the whole world — with its cobblestone, narrow streets, no stop lights, it’s the  actual birthplace of today’s Mexico — but, still hangin’ on to its colorful and historic past. And with all their religious and Mexican holidays — there’s a parade or a festival every weekend. Needless to say (or blog) — the wife and I were not mentally ready to leave our encampment in a foreign land — it was just dem bones —“dem damn bones” — that were tellin’ us it was time to go. So, Susan shipped us back within the week — but, with a never-say-die attitude, I kept payin’ the rent on nuestra casa until the end of the year (for 5 whole months additional) in the beleaguered hope that Harrieta y yo podria regressar [aside: I just like to drop in a bit of Spanish when the urge hits me — even if I have to use Google for help!] No, we did not want to leave — San Miguel was our planned final home and restin’ place — the ashes were to be sent to our son.

So, here we are in Culver City, CA, and as the title of this blog indicates — it is to be about the current political scene in our wounded country! [aside: When I think of our adventures south of the border — I lose myself in the thought process. And it has taken me only three paragraphs to return to the here and now! I must admit, though, the true reason for our stateside return may have been more my health issues!! Thus, in Los Angeles,  a new heart valve (from a cow) aka a TAVR (trans-catheter aortic valve replacement) [aside: I just luv to blog these descriptive bunch of words — sounds very sexy to this ole guy!] — then a laminectomy (surgery to clean out the L1 to L3 area of the lumbar section of the spine) — and finally,  a double hernia operation (which needs no further explanation). So, I started this blog — sorta blamin’ our return to the states on the wife’s health — I guess I am the real culprit — but currently, a relatively healthy one!  But, it’s finally time to get back to the subject at hand in this blog.

The current state of governin’ in our country (at this moment in time) is at a stand-still with regard to the national scene — in Washington. Even though there was a moment in time (recently) when our nation’s governin’ folks were ready to commence an effort to improve infrastructure in our beleaguered nation — I do believe that it has been shelved for the time bein’ (again). The key words currently are impeachment, subpoenas, impeachment, tax returns, impeachment, oversight, impeachment, tariffs, impeachment, conflicts (re: 3 nations — Iran, North Korea, Venezuela), and finally — impeachment! So, as the intrepid blogger that I am, what needs to be accomplished to make this place — SANE! [Note & aside: I am not sure we have been sane at any time durin’ this current century.  With our country startin’ the Iraq war and the horror of 9/11 — then, shortly, followed by the birth of the “Tea Party” — none of these brought on any national sanity — in fact, these entities were causes and seeds for the insanity and division!! But the black president and the tea party, in my humble opinion, were emphatically the genesis of the more recent “great divide” between the Dems and the Republicans. There is a WALL between them!!(Not that the two parties were ever completely simpatico!)] Somehow, with the Russians meddlin’ in our ’16 national election — and the ultimate Donald Trump’s unexpected win (even though — short of the popular vote by a few million) — we found the nation “tryin’ to become great again“. My preference — re: the title of this blog — is: we are just tryin’ to become sane again (or the ability to feel normal and positive as a “somewhat unified” country once more!). This blog’s title is a farce — at least for the near term — my only conclusion and advice is that we all do a “Rip van Winkle”– and wake up on January 20th, 2020 (that date is a triple “20”– for luck — 1/20/2020!) We must elect a replacement for Trump, and hopefully — it’ll be a Democrat. If we are lucky, some of the horribly far-right senators and representatives will be voted out of office and a blue wave will take over (at least a majority) — for  both parts of congress.  

Please pray that the Bolton’s and Pompeo’s and the clown in the oval office — do not involve us in a war in the meantime. Those 3 counties — Iran, North Korea, Venezuela — are powder kegs — and in an attempt to save his presidency and a Republican majority — Trump just might light a fuse! … God forbid!! And, oh yeah, enjoy a happy Mother’s Day this Sunday. Actually, tomorrow, Friday the 10th, will be Mother’s Day in Mexico!! So, I’ll end this blog on a happier note by wishin’ all you moms (y madres) a very, very, very Happy Mother’s Day! — or, Feliz Dia de Madre! ‘nuf ………..


It’s MUELLER Time … 86/45!!

A few weeks ago, I decided to blog about my tee shirts … I have become a “tee shirt” fanatic — all you have to do is take a peek in my chest of drawers. That earlier blog was in honor of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots — winner of the 2019 Super Bowl, plus 5 previous ones under the Brady/Belichick direction. But, livin’ here in Southern California, in Culver City, in a “senior community” — I have found it exceptionally pleasin’ to wear tees that befuddle and/or confuse the rest of these ole codgers. [aside: Please note the use of the word “community” — instead of “facility”. My intrepid administrator pointed out that the descriptive word “facility” was used mainly to describe “an assisted-livin'” location … and possibly, a “prison”; but definitely, a “home for nut-cases” “Communityhas more of a feel of the general public!! These “aside” comments can also make my administrator smile, “hopefully”!]

Well, I have now taken out all the “controversial” and/or political tees and laid them out on the bed. I will only list and expand upon some, herein,  and for others, I may add a comment or two. So here goes!! I will first describe some of my political fav’s: (1) A head shot of Trump as a “clown”, with a  statement in script, above: “Elect a Clown”— and below: “Expect a Circus”!! (Obviously, this is a favorite!!) The next tee (2) states: “History of U.S. Presidents” and below is a line of 8 emoji’s — and, the first six are bald, agin’ white guys, #7 is a smilin’ black guy with hair, and the last is a smilin’ “Clown”. My 3rd (3) in line along the same concept is a large picture of a kneelin’ football player with a red #7 jersey (Oh, look!: It’s the QB Kapernick, in his ole #7 – San Francisco Niner‘s jersey — with his knee in the mouth of a prone yellow-haired Trump!{I just luv it!})!  Next (4), simply states: “If you are not OUTRAGED — you are not paying ATTENTION!”.  Then, along the same line …  on another tee (5) is written, “The Seven Deadly Sins”  and, listed in a vertical line with a red check (<–) in front of each: “Pride – Greed – Envy – Wrath – Sloth – Gluttony – Lust”! And just below the listed 7 sins: “Oh look. Evangelicals elected the Anti-Christ.” [aside: I really like this one too!]

That’s my anti-Trump group of tees … but I have purchased a few that help express my personality and thought process — in just a few words. These are confusin’ to almost all of my “community-mates”, and even to the in-house personnel — includin’ managers, waiters, maids, etc. Normally, they do not understand them, unless I explain! I can only assume that my multiple life experiences have made me more aware (at 94+) than most of our associates here. Prime example is a tee, recently purchased, that repeated the 3-word name of a movie (a relatively recent offerin’) — “Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot” (I used “green” — since that’s the color of the tee!) These words come from the “NATO phonetic alphabet”. [aside: I was in the Navy from 1943 to 1955 — and durin’ that time we used what was known as the U.S. phonetic alphabet — which was slightly different from the RAF phonetic alphabet. Aviators spell with this alphabet to communicate effectively on their radio transmissions. Just usin’ the letters, themselves — in spelling durin’ radio transmissions — well, that would definitely lead to disastrous results, especially in aviation. Today, the NATO version is used worldwide. In my day, in the service, “WTF” would have been William, Tare, Fox]. But, this explanation, has only partially explained why “WTF” is not understood. And, I won’t go to the trouble of explainin’ it here — if you don’t know what those 3-letters mean or suggest — ask someone between 12 to 70 years of age — or look it up in an “urban dictionary” — I have been amazed that so many folks do not know the “slang meanin'” of W-T-F!!

In keepin’ with the same subject — earlier, when we arrived here at Palm Court — I had bought a tee that was much more subtle in presentin’ the term “WTF”!  In white letters, on the front of my black tee — printed in block capitals are the words: ” AFTER MONDAY AND TUESDAY — EVEN THE CALENDAR SAYS”, and just below and centered on the tee, as if each letter is hangin’ on a wall (calendar style): a “W”, a “T”, and an ” F” — and I hope it needs no further explanation! [aside: Except — yes, I know it also means Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!!]

I have other tees — they all help an ole guy express himself!! From “Clothing Monster”, I purchased a brown tee with a “smilin’ orangutan” — and another with a “large, snarlin’ brown bear” — and wear them when things are a bit dull at our place. These two tees do capture the attention of the residents here!  Never, would I have thought, that I would be a tee shirt enthusiast. But my wardrobe, at this stage of life, is somewhat limited. There are no more Dockers, IZOD, or Van Heusen slacks. Now, it’s Champion’s sweat-pants in black, navy and grey!  They have a pull-strap to provide comfort when it’s time to “expand” a bit … I know you get my drift. Also — at 94+, I am not embarrassed with this choice — particularly, when I look at what some of our male co-residents wear here — I learned to never use that rear pocket for a wallet a long time ago — especially in a foreign country. As I recall — it was a “bad-back generator” and/or an “invitation to theft” — and when these slacks are never pressed (petty talk!!)  — the pants do look a bit “icky”.  But, I want you to know that I am very comfortable with my current wardrobe — I even wear the same when we go out to dine with our children. Mother’s Day is comin’ up and we’re goin’ to the wife’s fav sushi spot — in fact, the whole family’s special place — we found it years ago, when it showed up in Zagat and our grandchildren were helpin’ us pick our restaurants. So, on that special day, I will wear the same tee as for Father’s Day in June — it’s black with golden/brown letterin’ and states in bold, bright letters: “DAD — the MAN – the MYTH – the LEGEND”!! Whoever said that the ole guy never exposed his huge ego?! ‘nuf …………

Post Script: 5/6/19 –This is written at the same time (as above) — I thought I would explain the title of this blog for those of you who might not have completely interpreted it nor understood. “It’s Mueller Time” is a take-off from the famous Miller Beer ad — and it’s presented in exactly the same format and manner (as in the original ad) with the word “Mueller” written in script and “It’s” and “Time” in smaller block letters.  The term “86/45” is a subtle way of statin’ “reject, discard, cancel” the 45th President of the United StatesDonald Trump!! I am sure that most of you understood what the title represented. But, just in case, I thought I would attempt to explain it. [aside: Thanks for readin’ the “ole guy’s ramblins” blogs — and ya know,  a comment would not hurt!! Hint, hint!]  definitely ‘nuf ………..







Only The Devil Can Mess Up a Person’s Soul …….

(Updated version as of 10am 5/03/19)

Only the devil, himself [aside: Ladies, note the sex established by the ole guy, but truthfully, this kind of stuff is over my bald head!] he can affect or change a human bein’s soul. Yes, Lucifer, or his incarnate self, can modify the way a man or woman thinks and acts — in other words … to literally change a person’s soul. Upon readin’ the ex-FBI Director James Comey’s opinion piece in today’s New York Times, I began to think about what has happened to so many people who have fallen under Trump’s spell. The very first time, remember, when the former spokesperson Sean Spicer lied about the size of the inauguration crowd. If you were like me, you were suddenly astounded that he would make such a false representation when comparative photos with the Obama inauguration were so easily at-hand on television — on every channel. Suddenly, right then and there, we all knew somethin’ strange was happenin’ — as this new regime took over the White House in order to lead our nation. But, it truly was such a meaningless thingey — who gave a damn if they wanted to claim a larger crowd size — in my mind at least, it was a joke! But as I thought more deeply about it, the fact that such a stupid claim would be made when the proof that it was false was so immediately at hand — this began to eat at me! Were we in for a strange, unreal, and un-American period — with Trump at the helm?? Dear reader, what do you think??– now that we are over halfway thru the current administration — how could so many people fall under the spell.

But, back to today’s opinion piece in the Times … Comey actually describes how Trump can overtly and specifically affect a man’s (or woman’s ) mind and conscience by (not so subtly) demandin’ allegiance to the President and his demands  … look what happened in describin’ that early dinner — alone with the new president. At that moment in time, the individual is dinin’ with the President of the United States — isn’t he considered the most powerful person in the world. He has just confirmed that you will continue or begin to work in his administration. My God, you are alone with POTUS — and he’s askin’ for your allegiance and support. [aside: And this typical “new hire” individual knows that a White House assignment or a job in the administration will be very lucrative on a resume’ in the future … so what’s wrong with a little “exaggeratin’ here and there”!!??] But if you read the Comey opinion piece — it ends with these last 2 sentences: “And then you are lost. He has eaten your soul! [aside: You can try to read it by clickin’ on: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/01/opinion/william-barr-testimony.html — or go to the N.Y. Times website.]

Some of the people were on-board from the beginnin’ … it was gonna be a “thrill -ride” — their thinkin’ must have been — there was no way that Trump would win — but, think of the experience … and remember that “resume'” thingey, again!! These folks were always gonna bleed for the man … he’s the only reason that they have such a good job. These folks are the obvious ones and I won’t even name them here. Then there were a few who would stay only long enough to develop sufficient inside-stuff to write a book. Then there was General Mattis who, I believe, took the job to prevent this new leader from messin’ up our U.S. military. Mattis was unique and maybe a one-of-a-kind in Trump’s cabinet. Comey, however, had the job of FBI Director and obviously wanted to continue and maybe, like Mattis, do everything possible to protect the status quo in their organizations. But, Comey would not let go of “that Russian thing” nor ease off on “investigatin’ Flynn” — so that ended his days at the FBI when Trump surprised him while he was in California makin’ a presentation. It also surprised the world — it was a dagger to Comey’s heart!

Then, there’s the Senator from South Carolina … a rather unique case when it comes to his relationship with the president. Durin’ the early primary season, Senator Lindsey Graham was quoted as sayin’: “I am not going to try to get into the mind of Donald Trump because I don’t think there’s a whole lot of space there. I think he’s a kook! I think he’s crazy! I think he’s unfit for office.”  Then, after Trump became the Republican nominee, Graham was quoted “I cannot in good conscience support the party’s nominee, Donald Trump, and won’t be voting for him in November. I do not believe he is a reliable Republican conservative nor has he displayed judgement and temperament to serve as commander-in-chief.” But, after socializin’ with the new president on some Trump-owned golf courses … maybe a year or so after the election — Senator Graham was heard to say: “I am concerned by the media’s attempt to label Trump as a kook or not fit to be president” Was this after Trump had been responsible for the induction of  two far-right judges on the Supreme Court?? … Probably! It’s a new Graham — he’s probably the staunchest supporter for Trump as President. Republicans have never had it so good!! But, not too good for our country … ya know — maybe Republicans have discovered that it’s Party First … Family Second … and Country Last!  And stealin’ a bit from Comey’s opinion piece in today’s NY Times — Who gives a damn if almost all the Republicans have lost their souls!! ‘nuf ……….

Post Script: 5/03/19 — In mullin’ over Senator Graham’s change of heart about the Donald”, I have come to a further conclusion. He still has his “moth-eaten soul” — he just likes to be able to play on a golf course and not pay the hefty fee. He still has his rotten soul.! definitely ‘nuf ……..


It’s Passover … so the wife ordered “matzo brie”… one of her fav’s!!

Preface: As most of you blog readers know, the wife and I live in a senior facility in Southern California. We enjoy our three daily meals in a large dinin’ room with scheduled offerin’s for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, residents can “shoot the moon” … that is: we can order anything within reason [aside: Actually for lunch and dinner we can do the same; but we residents will normally order what the kitchen has planned and scheduled.] So, at breakfast this mornin’we ran into a bit of a problem 
which is described by my email to the guy who manages the kitchen here!
So, please read on ………
Dear Food Services Director:
This morinin’ the wife (Harriette) decided she wanted “matzo brie” (pronounced like “dry”) for breakfast … why not, it’s Passover — the time for “unleavened bread”!!
With no hesitation our waiter Sergio took the order and relayed it to our mornin’ cook.
After a short spell, what was delivered to our table caused enough consternation that I decided to taste the “lumpy” items that were mixed in with the eggs … before Harriette tried it.
Then the wife tasted it, also … and we came to the same conclusion … the chef had “soaked the matzo pieces in water” … that’s all we could think of.
One of the reasons we Jews like matzo brie — is because the pieces of matzo are still crisp and the combined flavor and texture makes “a very tasty and unique breakfast dish”!
After sendin’ the entire order back with Sergio … he returned with a recently opened box of “Gluten-Free Matzo Crisps” and told us that the kitchen was “out of regular matzos”??
Well, that is hard to believe … here at Palm Court … after they provided a rabbi and a complete Passover Service last Friday at sundown …  with all the “trimmin’s” and with pieces of  matzo  … it’s part of the seder ceremony.
“Jesus”, I thought to myself!! It’s still Passover — how could you run out of matzos in a senior facility with so many Jewish residents; and substitute somethin’ that most Jews have never heard of called: “Gluten-Free Matzo Chips” ??
So, we have decided that for breakfast tomorrow mornin’ — both Harriette and I will order “matzo brie” — it is a very simple dish to make — just crumble a whole matzo into the eggs while bein’ scrambled and take the dish off the stove before you overcook the mixture!
(This should have been learned in “Jewish-Cookin’-School: 101”!!)
Stop!, stop!, stop! — I just checked a recipe online statin’ that some people like their matzo pieces “soaked in water or milk before addin’ them to the eggs” — but, this author or cook just had to be a “gentile” — or at least, a non-Jew .
 I am 94 and the wife is 90 … and I dare say that every year around Passover (other occasions also) that we can recall — we both have enjoyed matzo brie!
And every time we breakfasted on this delicious concoction … we thoroughly enjoyed the “crispness of the matzo”that and the taste of matzo is what makes the dish so special.
Please have your breakfast cooks serve matzo brie with crispy matzo pieces … at least when the wife and I place our orders tomorrow mornin’.
Sincerely, Emiel aka Emiliano aka “ole guy”           ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
[aside: The above was emailed to our “Food Services Director” this mornin’ (Tuesday 4/23) — after the wife and the ole guy returned to our rooms — post-breakfast. So, as we would say in Mexico, for breakfast tomorrow (4/24):”Vamos a ver!
Post Script: (Friday 4/26) … That was Tuesday (4/23)  when the first order for “matzo brie” was made (and described above). Then, on Wednesday (4/24), the “real” matzo pieces (in the order) were just as “mushy” and had a “bitter and horrible” taste — the order was again returned to the kitchen. Once in our room, I then sent the “food services director” [aside: This guy is not a “qualified” chef, and a number of folks here at our senior facility recently signed a petition to have him removed … but he’s still here!] — I sent him the “N.Y. Times matzo brie recipe” which begins with “the matzo sheets are browned in butter until crisp, before being lightly scrambled with eggs” — that’s the magic message. “Crisp up the matzo sheet in butter” then break into small pieces and add eggs to the scramble. To be forthright, until I read the N.Y. Times recipe, I had no idea how to make a decent matzo brie!! But, now, to make this dish would be a piece of cake … excuse me: a piece of matzo … defnintely ‘nuf! …………..

Surprise! … a blog about bloggin’ …..

Yep, yowsa!! I am gonna blog about “bloggin'” … so it’s up to you (not me) whether you want to continue to read on or not. [aside: My feelin’s will not be hurt if you “click me off” right now!! I do admit, however, I will have no idea whether you “click off” or not — but I like to act like I am conversin’ with you, my loyal readers. It’s just an ole guy’s fantasy!! You know that I know that: you never comment!! — so I remain in the dark about who and why you read these “thingey”‘s!! It’s fun to write ’em — but, truly, the ole ego would be soothed, if you would just say: “hello or somethin'” (maybe once a year or so!!). If you are a repeater (yes, I have been told by my daughter/administrator that a few of you read my blogs frequently; and, I have received a few comments — in fact, I think you are checkin’ on whether this ole guy is still around!!) — I did receive one comment after I had been “silent” for a long period — it was a note of kindness referencin’ that I was still alive and “bitchin'”!!]

I will try to make this blog as interestin’ as possible — as I describe my continuin’ frustrations that have been evident for the past few months. Your pal, the ole guy, has been one frustrated hombre for quite some time now. The company that my daughter contracted with for her aged dad to begin bloggin’ is “WordPress”. (And somehow there’s another company that’s involved known as “BlueHost.”) I have no idea what services they offer or what product of theirs that I am usin’. It’s like my TV set — I just know how to push the buttons (and sometimes, I mess up there, too)! So, let’s cut out the wordiness and let me tell you what I have finally re-discovered — as your blogger!!

First, the entire format was completely changed. All of a sudden — one day, everything was new and strange (?)– so let’s start there! Every item that provides info, or those that a blogger must “click” for add-on’s, had changed — in appearance … and location! It was as if you walked into your re-modeled home — and the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms were in different locations — and it had been changed from a one-story to a two-story — and was modernized (whatever that means?). Oh! yeah! And they had put your pots and pans in a closet (the location of which, was not furnished)! When you had been at ease with everything in their normal places — you were not spendin’ a great deal of your time — searchin’ for things when you do not even know their names! [aside: I used “italics in blue”  to make my point.] There had been a “double-line”, above my workin’ blog, by which I could “italicize” or “color” or set up to “click-to-anther-blog” — and about 20 other items that I have no idea — their purpose … and I may never know!! In place of this much-needed-and-used double-line was a simple word “Classic”. Well, it must have taken me a couple of months before I “clicked” on the word “Classic”– and whaddayaknow?? … a double line to support my bloggin’– appeared! It was as if I had “rubbed” the magic lamp and a genie had popped out. [aside: Believe me, that double line is a genie for bloggers! At least it is for this blogger!]

My latest frustration has been that I have not been able to transfer the reader to another blog — referrin’ to a subject that I had previously blogged about. When I am able to do that — it delights me no end! Since I have previously expounded on a particular event or item of which I am very proud– it’s so much fun to have the reader be able to “click” and “wallah” {<– PLEASE TRY, NOW!} there’s an elaboration on the subject! And there you are! Actually, I found it under the item: “Jetpack” (I clicked on it) — which is under somethin’ called “Plugins”! (There was the 3-digit code that identifies this blog — that code is used to refer back to this blog!) — I ask you(???): Does that sound like somethin’ obvious to you — it was like findin’ a needle in a haystack! I am truly amazed that this ole guy finally did discover it; it’s a damn miracle!![aside: Gotta tell ya … that was one big ego booster!]  And when you are an ole guy — there is nothin better in this world than an ego booster” … and with that I’ll end this “ego-driven, hobby-oriented, crowd-pleasin’ — bit of marlarkey from an ole guy, who’s only askin’ for a comment or two!! ‘nuf ………

Bad Habits … or Good Attributes??

Since movin’ back to these United States from San Miguel de Allende (located in central Mexico) to Los Angeles, CA, I have become a philosopher, an anti-eviction specialist, a blogger — and a pain in the “u-no-wut” to the management at the senior facilities in which we (Harriette and me) have now lived. We battled the eviction from our Westwood location when Watermark purchased the 50-year-ole ex-UCLA dorm from Vintage. Of course, the wonderful legal group at Bet Tzedek actually played the  key role in “stoppin’ the eviction” … but with major remodelin’ of the buildin’ — we ultimately had to move out (almost 16 months after that horrible “eviction” notice” had been pasted on our doors) — that 14-story buildin’ has been gutted, but will be resurrected — and hopefully available for “re-entry” by early 2020. And while becomin’ a factor — or possibly a “pest”– in our post-“120-day-eviction”-notice [aside: I had spearheaded that initial protest march, before Bet Tzedek became involved (check out the Channel 4 TV offerin’ at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Nearly-200-Seniors-Face-Eviction-Westwood-405586985.html )]

The point that I am makin’ has to do with the fact that even as a very ole guy, I use a computer — and  I became a blogger. And an ole philosophical sayin’ suddenly came back to me: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!” a quote from Moses Maimonides — Jewish Philosopher, physician, law-giver and “one of the most influential minds in all of history” — greatest Jewish philosopher of the middle ages (born: 1135A.D.; died: 1204A.D.) [aside: To show my ignorance, I did not know this — see what the computer and Google can produce — this man was a genius in his own right. It just may be my lack of a Jewish education — plus the fact that the U.S. Naval Academy and MIT didn’t attempt to educate me in Jewish history nor the history re: the middle ages. Just readin’ about Maimonides sends chills down my spine!! He was a medical professional to the (then) Christian King of Egypt and his royal family — plus in Palestine, he worked with the Crusaders to release Jews who had been imprisoned. Just google him and you will be astonished by the number of quotes and philosophical memes. Finally, he was responsible for the “13 Attributes of God” … fundamental to the Jewish religion. Wow! I sure learned somethin’ very interestin’ today! And all I wanted to do was blog about “fishin'”!!]

Initially, at the start of this blog, the point that I was leadin’ up to was: Give an ole guy a computer, and he’ll send you an email. Show him Google (and with a daughter Susan who introduced him to WordPress) — and this ole guy becomes a blogger!! In my case, it takes the computer, Google, a lovin’ daughter, and WordPress to get me this far.  And bloggin’ takes me away from my everyday “funk” — that’s the stuff that always happens daily at a senior citizen livin’ facility. Between the ole Westwood location (remember that “eviction” notice and my role as “chief of the protestors”) and our current Culver City location known as Palm Court — if it weren’t for bloggin’, I would be emailin’ all the management folks at every level — probably daily. [aside: If you would ask them, they would tell you that is exactly what I do all the time (anyway) — I send them emails re: anything and everything … that consoles this ole guy — or in many cases, it is what irritates and/or frustrates me! I pick on the Food Services Director (he runs the kitchen) frequently — and that’s a given when you reflect on my past experiences in the kitchen and my unyieldin’ desire for tasty soups. Then, there’s the Dinin’ Room Services Manager, which not only received my suggestions in emails, upon arrival at Palm Court — I even blogged about specific issues that could be remedied quickly and that anyone livin’ here should have  noticed — infrequent bussin’ of tables, insufficient number of coffee mugs, not offerin’ coffee when takin’ a breakfast order, etc.

Then, there was the fiasco of all washers and dryers out-of-service on two of the three floors for an extended period of time — I didn’t get involved or know about this serious issue for a month or so; no one was makin’ the problem known to me, and I don’t go near the laundry room — but, when a caregiver (not ours) cozied up to me at our breakfast table and asked me for help — a well-placed email did the job; and the machines were “hummin” in a day or so!  [aside: A recent breakdown of just one dryer and one washin’ machine was resolved within a few days; I had been notified of the issue immediately — that other experience had lasted many, many weeks … and that was when the only spot, with laundry service, had a very long line — it was on the first floor — thus, indicatin’ that a well-placed email can expedite attention and problem resolution!]

I realize that I frustrate some (what I’ll call) 1st-line managers at our senior facilities — but they are the folks who can get the problem solved quickly — and realistically,  it is their responsibility. That’s what happens when you give an ole guy a computer and teach him how to use it … and he has access to a list of managers … includin’ their email addresses. ‘nuf …….

A Moment to Reflect

What am I missin’ in life … at 94+ (if you have it; flaunt it; I am 6 months beyond 94; therefore, the +sign) … but, back to the blog — I’m not missin’ much. The wife and I (68+ together) have a comfortable room [aside: But as they would understand in Mexico — we only have a “matrimonial” mattress — we had always slept on a “king” — even for those wonderful 24 years in San Miguel de Allende we had a king mattress for bedtime. The reason I mention this is that as I looked back on my way to “u-no-ware” after awakenin’ this mornin’ — the wife’s left leg was hangin’ over the side of the bed out from the blanket. I gently put it back aboard the ship — she hardly gave me a nod. The room is really not big enough for a larger bed — so we will make “do”!! [aside: It just ain’t a problem!] But, back to this “missin’ thingey” — the answer is not much! We have our health, which I must proclaim that at our ages — maybe, that is a most important item in life. Of course, we take oodles and oodles of pills … the Rx kind — a whole bunch after breakfast and lots more after dinner (before hittin’ the sack). I doubt if either of us would be in this world if it wasn’t for modern medicine … currently, represented by the Geriatrics Division at the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood (LA), CA. [aside: Thank you, Drs. Harris and Goldwater — I think they read my blogs — yes, they are both females!!]

But, back to the original premise — my reason for writin’ the blog today — what am I missin’?? Not much — when it comes to worldly goods … when you reach our age, you don’t count your “things” anymore … you count your blessin’s!  And one of the most important blessin’s … is family!! We have 3 well-educated children — a boy and 2 girls … excuse me, a man and two women!! A grad of Harvard (includin’ law school), of Stanford (followed by law school) and of UCLA (includin’ grad school) — 2 JD’s and 1 MA … somethin’ the wife and I will forever be very proud of!! [aside: They had no help with their “sats”, and there was no need on our part to pay for acceptance to these major schools — quite a blessin’!] And they are all kind and generous with their time — which is more important than money (unless there is an  absence of the latter — I have to be careful since my 3 “very adult” children read my blogs)!! One of the daughters remained single and the other is happily married to a litigator — I like to joke a lot that bein’ married to a litigator is  somewhat close to bein’ single — but they have a way to maximize their time together. And we have the best granddog in this world who comes to visit frequently!!

Continuin’ with our family status, our grandson Jacob — a recent Harvard grad — is workin’ in the Connecticut/NYC area. He has become a genius when it comes to predictin’ weather [aside: A grandfather’s descriptive term!]. He had developed a program in middle school or early high school, which resulted in a blog/group — requirin’ membership — his mom had sent him to a summer class at Penn State University re: weather prediction in modern times (obviously, very computer-oriented). He would predict the weather for school days and his classmates would consider him a hero when he could predict a “snow day” — they treated it as if it was up to him. Who knows — maybe it was!! And durin’ his Harvard stint — maybe, it was his sophomore year — he had developed programs which would assist in predictin’ the futures for natural gas. A relatively small Wall Street firm hired him on the spot (as a Harvard undergrad) — and until recently, followin’ graduation, he was still employed there. Now, he’s moved on — but still specializin’ in predictin’ the future value of natural gas (and I am sure there’s more, hopefully lot’s more). The wife and I get a huge kick out of it — when we get an email to watch him on Bloomberg’s Financial Station — “LIVE” — when he’s there to predict a weather event — he’s always called upon to analyze and predict a known hurricane’s force and direction re: the lower 48!! Here in California, there are two very excited grandparents — anticipatin’ that good-lookin’ kid — who used to run upstairs at the outbreak of a summer storm — so he could be closer to the thunder and the lightnin’!!

The rest of this blog falls under the category of a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” been a wonderful life. Jacob’s sister Tess was born a few years after he had come into this world. The family was livin’ in Los Angeles at the time and we drove up from Mexico within a month after the birth of our new granddaughter. What a thrill!!!! — we now had both a grandson and a granddaughter!! And wouldn’t ya know — by the time Jacob was six (6) and Tess was (3) — they had become “foodies” just like the two of us. Since I had bought the first Zagat restaurant review (NYC) in 1985 — our family had bought a Zagat for each city in which someone resided or visited — we never missed an edition. So, here we were with these two kids sittin’ in the back (in their carseats, mind you!!!!) with Jabob (6 years) pickin’ out a dinin’ establishment for our lunch that day. I remember the day he asked: “What is decor?” Every Zagat ratin’ for a restaurant measured the “food”, “décor”, “service” and “price”!! Yes, these two kids from that early age were our guides and decision-makers — when it came time to dine. But, dinin’, as indicated earlier re: Jacob’s life description, was not their only specialty!! Tess was a bit of a genius — always with an open mind to find a better way. The thing I distinctly remember was when she developed a “re-usable pizza take-out box” — we had a photo of her on our bedroom wall in San Miguel … there she was — displayin’ her masterpiece!!

As the title of this blog states: “A Time to Reflect … “ — it’s also a time to remember and think about what “could have been”! You see — Tess met with a very unfortunate and unique accident at a summer camp in Maine in the late summer of 2011! Fortunately, it was instantaneous — but deadly. She had no time to suffer, thank God!! And that event created a deep hole in our hearts that will never be filled nor healed — we have had so many blessin’s in our lives … it’s hard to count the number. I can’t imagine the depth of the wound in the hearts of a mother, a father — nor a brother. Harriette and I are just “Poppi” and “Gigi” … a couple of ole grandparents!

What makes me want to suddenly blog and stop to think about Tess — it’s not her birthday, it’s not Mother’s nor Father’s Day! It’s Facebook!! And this is not to complain about FB in any way. What has happened since I became a FB enthusiast is that I have been friended by Tess’s aunt PEG and her grandmother Mary (on her mother’s side). They are the Tanners — and they have a very typically large Irish/Catholic New England family. Suzanne, Tess’s mother, had a sister (Peg) and 4 brothers — with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. It’s what I would have imagined a large Irish/Catholic family would be like. It includes at least one nun and, I think, a priest, along with just oodles of cousins, etc., etc., etc!!  The other day — an old photo of Peg’s and Suzanne’s combined family — each had two children, a boy and a girl — was posted on Facebook. It included their mom and dad. There, in it — were my son Gary and Jacob — and in front and to his side — was a smillin’ Tess. Wow, the memories came roarin’ back with a bit of that “woulda, coulda, shoulda” feelin’– I am sure you know what I mean! I never realized that I would live to be this old — I think that if Tess had lived, she would be either 21 now — or 21 on the next birthday in December. What a wonderful gift that could have been to this politick-y and divided country — and this world — that we live in today. But, very selfishly, what a dear, lovable event — it would have been for a crochety, fat, bald, ole guy and his dear lovin’ wife!! ‘nuf ……..

Spies: Here, There and …

What a sad day Wednesday was!! I just happened to be watchin’ our TV while a Senate committe was interviewin’ the current Attorney General of the United States. I get a bit of a twinge in my body when I state that “job description”. As I pointed out in my last blog … the relatively new U.S. Attorney General is tryin’ to be “Trump’s Roy Cohn”!! That’s what our president has been searchin’ for — ever since Roy Cohn died in 1986. Yeah, that’s the same Roy Cohn who was Senator Joe McCarthy’s counsel when McCarthy was findin’ Communists everywhere … in Hollywood, in the U.S.  Army, in every institution in our country. When in court against the Army, it ultimately didn’t end well for McCarthy when the opposin’ counsel for the U.S. Army — Joseph Welch — challenged the McCarthy/Cohn team for maliciously callin’ one of Welch’s young lawyer associates a “commie”. Welch’s retort: “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or recklessness! Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator — you have done enough! HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF DECENCY!!” This exact  moment in time — ended the McCarthy era and his lawyer Cohn took a “hit”. 

Earlier, it was 1951, as a relatively young lawyer, Roy Cohn had played a prominent role as one of the U.S. Attorneys in the prosecution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg . Both of them were found guilty of espionage and were ultimately executed. Obviously, this had major news coverage, and it was one of the first times that Roy Cohn came into the nation’s public view. McCarthy had connected with him in 1953 and the two of them were a team — they formed a 2-man Congressional investigatin’ committee — and they were intent on rootin’ out Communism from any and all U.S.  institutions … even when it wasn’t there. Television and the press followed the McCarthy/Cohn  investigations closely — as every U.S. citizen read and watched … McCarthy was ruthless when he questioned every witness and Cohn was there to back him up. Everyone made their minds up as to what kind of people the senator and his lawyer were — and the country cheered when McCarthy went down in flames. Cohn’s reputation would follow him from that time on.

I guess you might say that Cohn can be defined by the company (clients) he kept. They included  3 Mafia types (Salerno, Galante, Gotti); Aristotle Onassis; NYC’s Studio 54; the Roman Catholic Archdiocese; and in the 70’s Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump. Yes, he was credited for puttin’ the two of them together for the first time — that’s the Murdoch of Fox News today. Cohn handled the “fair practices” law suits for Trump — whose organization would offer higher rental rates or “no vacancy” to blacks — resultin’ in a number of law suits. It is said that both Nixon and Reagan would seek advice from Roy Cohn while they were President. He claimed to be a Democrat but was a member of the Birch Society. He died in August 1986 of what was thought to be Aids … but he never admitted he was a homosexual and the cause of death was listed as “cardio pulmonary arrest”. His reputation as a lawyer was as a ruthless, “take-no-prisoners” approach to the law … and he would do anything to win a case. In the end, he was disbarred for perjury, witness tamperin’, and financial improprieties. So, Trump is seekin’ as his counsel “a Roy Cohn” … 

The current U. S. Attorney General Barr published a document in the  summer of 2017 that was meant to be digested by Trump. In it, he specifically made the case that the “firin’ of the FBI Director Comey” and the “request to ease up on Flynn” were both “nothin’-burgers”!! This was exactly what the President wanted to hear (or read) — it represents that the “obstruction” issues that the Mueller group were workin’ on for just short of two years — could be considered null and void. Barr was applyin’ for the job of U. S. Attorney General — which was bestowed recently. 

Then, when the Mueller report was delivered to the Justice Department … and therein, it stated that it made no decision on “obstruction” — it would be up to others to decide.  Well, Barr has decided that there was “no obstruction” when he made public a 4-page document statin’ such. Soon, he plans to release the multi-hundred page report for others to review — except it will be well-redacted. So, every indication is that the information that will be made public will be very limited. And, if he has his way, the full report will never see the light of day. Then, as a next effort by the Justice Department, he plans to investigate the potential spyin’ on the Trump campaign by the FBI. Yes, Barr used the term “spyin‘”!!

That’s right! Barr wants to make sure there was no improper surveillance of the Trump team by the FBI. Let me stop here and take a breath … you, readers, think about it!! Here we are — waitin’ for the Mueller report which we anticipate would point out the activities of Trump’s team with relation to the Russians … we all remember that they all met with Russians in plain daylight — in June before the election … it was to “find dirt on Hillary”.  Goin’ to the meetin’ were son Don, Jr.; son-in-law Jerod; and campaign manager Manafort. In addition, we all know that part of Trump’s team was meetin’ with the Russians related to buildin’ a “Trump Tower” in Moscow (even Putin was likely aware of this effort) — this went on up til June before the election.  [aside: The Trump team was not expectin’ to win the election and the idea of a Trump Tower in Moscow would be a financial coup.] Well, forget about it — they did not colludethey did not obstruct accordin’ to the Attorney General!! The culprits may very well be those FBI folks who did all the spyin’ on the Trump team. So, honestly, this guy Barr, if he’s able to pull this off, may even outdo anything that Roy Cohn could have potentially done. Trump will have found his “ROY COHN” — or maybe, even better. ‘nuf ………..