In Plain Sight!? ……….. 10 glorious days!! — then 18 not so good!!

Preface: I must warn readers that this is a serious moment in the history of our republic! It was just announced (after completion of this blog) that POTUS has fired the lead person investigatin’ his current and former staff’s involvement with Russia durin’ our recent Presidential election. I had started this blog with the intention of “enshrinin’ the former Actin’ Attorney General of the United States” — Mrs. Sally Yates — into my personal Hall of Fame. Durin’ the Trump administration she performed her duties as was aforementioned (Actin’ USAG) for ten (10) glorious days!! And with all the facts — demandin’ a “firin’ squad’ — it took the Trump administration “18 DAYS” to carry out the act — and then, only because some honorable US citizen “leaked” the info to the Washington Post. I end this blog, based on both past and current news with the only thing possible — RESIST!!

On Monday, I watched some television news — actually it was a “live” feed, on Monday May 8th — it was the Senate investigatin’ the Russian involvement in our 2016 Presidential election!! There were James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, and Sally Yates, recently fired Actin’ US Attorney General, bein’ questioned by both Republican and Democratic Senators. They had been called to testify before a Sub-committee (on Crime and Terrorism) of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  And the obvious thought crossed my mind in watchin’ the senator’s expressions and attitudes.  Why is it that elected United States senators put “party over country” — that is, Republican Senators seem to do it?? To me, it’s a sin, punishable by — losin’ in his/her (their) reelection bid. The Republican senators (all male) — at least all the ones that spoke while I was watchin’ — were accusing Sally of dereliction of duty for not supportin’ and backin’ President Trump. Here’s this brilliant, patriotic woman of the South (I could tell by her noticeable southern accent) — a 27-year veteran of the United States Attorney’s office [aside: Sally Caroline Quillian Yates — formerly the US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia (March ’10 to Jan ’15, havin’ been hired in that office in 1989) — she was bein’ chastised by these pompous asses.  I sure don’t like to blog about the political scene — yes, I have written a few before this one — because there are so many more enjoyable, everyday issues that readers are interested in. I am sure that there are some that don’t agree with me (re: my politics) — but this obvious “grillin'” and “deprecatin” of a heroic, patriotic, extremely intelligent woman — irritated the hell out of me!!

With the help of ‘google’ and a spotty memory, I’ll try to relate some specific antagonizin’ (to me) issues.  Take the president-aspirin’ Ted Cruz — he challenged her decision to rule against the first “illegal” immigration executive order, issued by Trump, to “stop-the-acceptance-of-immigrants-from-seven-Islamic-countries”. He said her decision was constitutionally illegal. But, in the blink-of-an-eye, she identified a further clause in the constitution which proved she was following the US Constitution to a “T”. (What a pleasant feeling — that came over me!) [aside: If my memory serves me right re: TV clips — durin’ Yates confirmation hearing to become Asst Attorney General in 2015, under an Obama presidency, Cruz had actually queried Yates if she would challenge POTUS, as his attorney, if he offered up a decision that was at odds with the constitution (in her view)– to which she had replied with a resoundin’ “yes”!! Ain’t fate wonderful!!]

And Iowa Senator Grassley — he just had to get into the act (big time) — he always does!! One of his main issues revolved about “leaks” —  particularly the one to the Washington Post in February that led to the firin’ of Flynn as the National Security Advisor (NSA).  In fact, “leaks” are somethin’ that the entire Trump administration has been concerned with. I guess that’s what happens when a president and his underling’s do some obvious bad things (in the eyes of the beholdin’).  Honest folks — secretively — a person in government — tells some ‘friendly’ news reporter ‘somethin’ about some “bad stuff” goin’ on in their ‘bailiwick’!!  Yes, some good soul told a WaPo reporter — slipped him the secret — all about Flynn bein’ “compromised” by the Russians!! Flynn was a major risk for blackmail and should not be trusted. Actually, it took 18 days between Actin’ Attorney General Yates advisin’ the White House counsel that Flynn was a serious problem re: a Russian KOMPROMAT — and Flynn’s firing as NSA Director by Trump — yes, it took 18 days before President Trump fired his “buddy” — [aside: I’ve heard recently about the number “18” — the coincidental comparison of the “18 minutes” missin’ from the Nixon tapes and the “18 days” that elapsed between the time Yates advised the White House counsel and Flynn’s release!! That first “18” led to the “resignation” of a President!! How about that!!] My thought — God bless, all the leakers in this world!!  Just so it doesn’t compromise the safety of our beloved country. Leaks are only good if they are juicy — that is,  for the good of all the honest people!

What has bothered me as I have reflected upon some of the issues brought forth in that Senate hearing — the issue before our country and the investigation should be — what role did the Russians play in our recent 2016 presidential election and were any of the Trump forces workin’ with the “ruskies”!!  And as a non-Trump supporter, it did appear to me that the Rebublican senators spent a great deal of time — I guess I would say an inordinate amount of time analyzing related issues — namely, “unmasking secret material” which was “leaked” and those secrets were discovered “by surveilling” Russians who were involved with members of the Trump presidential campaign and ultimately President Trump’s White House. While the senate hearing was in-progress, Trump himself tweeted four times commentin’ on both Clapper’s and Yates’ testimony — always indicatin’ that it brought forth nothin’ new — what the “fake news” organizations had already written and talked about. The unbelievable thing that he did — was to tweet — well before the Senate hearing: “Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to the White House counsel!” Some folks have called this tweet — a criminal actala intimidating  a witness!! [aside: He’s gonna make a fatal mistake with his tweets — sooner rather than later — if he has not already done so. The court is still out on this matter.]

I fell in love with Sally Yates yesterday. I guess I am attracted to a strong, intelligent woman — with a Southern accent!!  I spotted it as soon as she opened her mouth. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia — that’s pronounced  ‘jaw-djah’ to a Southern boy like me. I absolutely loved it when she literally poked those two pompous senators from Texas in the “you-know-what”!! Theodore Cruz — one of those Texans — right in the eye, with the way she responded to his constitutional query. I just loved it when Georgia lummoxed Texas!! [aside: No, it’s not a verb — but remember, it’s my blog and I can use it as a verb if I want to!] In both cases, I’m referrin’ to their verbal exchanges regardin’ Yates denial of the original immigration executive order to halt all refugees from enterin’ our country from seven primary muslim countries. (Remember: That was the reason that Trump fired her!!) To Cruz she pointed out that she was “lawfully and constitutionally” correct!!  And with the other Texas Senator — John Cornyn — when he tried to box her in by callin’ her decision a “policy matter” with regards to haltin’ the executive order!! She quickly retorted — it was “unlawful” and probably “unconstitutional” — so there!! Texans!! And as we all recall, the US 9th District Court of Appeals — here in the West — actually declared the order null and void!! (Trump’s 2nd attempt to deny immigration was thwarted by a judge in Hawaii — and that travel ban may ultimately make it to the US Supreme Court.)

And the bad news continues — I just heard the news that James Comey was fired by Trump as head of the FBI!!  Remember, he’s leadin’ the effort to expose any shenanigans between Russia and the Trump team with regards to the presidential election. There are three groups investigatin’ the Russia involvement — the intelligence community, the Senate and the House!!  Why, oh!, why won’t somebody appoint a separate independent counsel — or let’s just start impeachment proceedings. This whole mess is playin’ out right in front of our noses!!  There is no doubt that Russia played a significant role in the election of Donald Trump as President. The still “unknowns” are — Was there collusion?? (I think the answer is an emphatic “yes”) — but that remains to be ferreted out — and the cast of characters include: Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Carter Page — all of these folks worked on the Trump campaign at one time or other — and each has a definite tie to Russia. Look! — there’s enough smoke there has to be a fire with each of these characters. Folks, as of this moment, we are on the verge of a “constitutional event” — or whatever you want to call it. It appears we have a narcissistic individual “tryin'” to run our country (into the ground)!! RESIST! ‘nuf ……

Author: Emiel aka Emiliano Meisel

THIS BIO IS UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY, DON'T BE CONFUSED: April 2016 - I'm living in this "senior facility" with my wife of 65 years! Officially, it's known as Vintage Westwood. As for my bio: I'm over 91 years, caucasion, grew up in the Memphis "hood", graduated USNA at Annapolis, served on Destroyer USS-843, then MIT in Boston area, US Naval aviator, married Harriette, w/3 offspring, one living grandchild, lost one (that's a tear!), 10 years USN, 30 years an IBMer, 24 years 'devouring' Mexico in San Miguel de Allende, and now here in this "geriatric home for the aged" -some inhabitants are 'really' old. Now, I'm a "blogger" - and that almost sounds like a dirty word! A friend has suggested that the place where we live should be titled -- "Elders' Chateau" -- we like it - so that's what we want to call it! Some of these folks are really very, very old, though! So, it's Sept'16, still alive and kickin' and re-naming our facility for bloggin' purposes -- "Casa de los Ancianos del Norte" or CAN. Hope I don't confuse ya!! Update: 11/2/16 -- I am now 92 and on Nov 5th, the wife and I will be wed for 66 years!! The new name of the CAN is "The WATERMARK at Westwood Village" -- snazzy huh!! Will let you know if it works out -OK?? Stay tuned! Guess what? It ain't workin' out so good!! We're bein' EVICTED!!!! 1/12/17 Whoa!! Not yet!! We're an ornery bunch of very, very, very ole folks who are gonna do what we have to do!! (Not leave here!) 1/24/17-- Very Important Entry (VIE): Residents of the CAN live in a RESIDENTIAL HOTEL -- and that's 'g-d' fact! It's up to L.A. City Housing Commission. 2/14/17 Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved RH! Waitin' for City Housing Commission approval. 4/15/17 Watermark still has not furnished drawin's -- it'll probably end up in a "draw". We'll get to stay while they remodel -- that should be "interestin'"!! 6/10/17 It's June and exchangin' offers -- and Bet Tzedek, our pro-bono lawyers, just sent in a counter-proposal -- keepin' our fingers crossed!! On 6/13/17 Received word that the L.A.City Housing Commission decision that "947 Tiverton Ave" is now classified as a RESIDENTIAL HOTEL (Yippee!!) -- stay tuned, somethin's gotta give -- but NO EVICTION ever!! July 2017: Will see 10 inhabitants leave -- our number down to about forty, and the wife and I are stayin'!! 8/17-- Watermark is appealin' -- Bet Tzedek says "no prob"!! Our numbers are depleted -- some passin's and some leavin's -- and we are a bit below 30 -- but we are "'947'-strong!! 10/10/17--Well, it's happenin' -- they have distributed their THP -- and we don't like it. We're all appealin' and Bet Tzedek (God Bless 'em) is with us all the way! 10/23 Stay tuned!! Gonna send my blog in with my "appeal" -- hope he or she has a sense of humor!! 10/31 Happy Halloween!! We lost a guy yesterday -- he passed over to the other side -- he was hangin' in with the rest of us -- just wantin' a decent place to live -- with that loss, and 4 depatures next week -- our number will be reduced to 24 -- that's a good even number!! 11/10: Our official "appeal" will be heard on Nov 20th -- Bet Tzedek will present and others will follow -- my current blog is my "entry" for the appeal. God willin' & creeks don't rise -- we won't be "evicted"!! Keep on -- keepin' on! 11/18: Actually a pro-bono law firm (Manatt's C.J. Laffer, good guy!) will present, and so will the ole guy -- stay tuned!!11/20: Our team did damage to their THP -- it should be cast aside -- vamos a ver!! 12/01/17: On the day exactly one year after we were "evicted" (12/01/16) -- we were notified that our appeal to the "W" THP has been upheld! New THP?? 12/18 Yep!! Revised THP (withdrew Hilgard locaton) same-o, same-o for The Glendon apts. 1/1/18 Happy New Year --wasn't supposed to live so long. Appealin' 2nd THP. 1/13 From 121 to 16 with 3 leavin' soon -- we're down to 13 poor souls -- awaitin' a next move!! iOjala! 1/22/18 Well, we signed up for The Glendon -- move on March 1st -- we'll skip any catered meals and accept a meal stipend for the two of us. We'll just repeat what we did durin' the last years in Mexico (and when we lived in Paris with our dog) -- we'll just walk over to Starbucks or Coffee Bean and have our "petit cream w/croissant" for breakfast and have a late afternoon meal delivered!! Really, not a bad way to live after all -- so, thanks, Watermark!! Welcome to our new world!!

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