How Do You Say “Go Fishin'” …………….. in Russian??

Preface: I have been writin’ this blog for a week. There’s a post-script that represents an earlier version that I have included. I think it fits well as a P.S.!! “Comment” if you disagree!! I wanted to take a different tack and look at the June ’16 meeting and events leadin’ up — from the Russian point-of-view. They had to put some planning into it — at least, more than what the three Trumpsters did!! So read on ……

Back to the blog’s title (re: Go Fishin’): I might be able to respond to the question, if someone would just tell me how to say it. I googled it — requestin’ a Russian translation — and up came the translation usin’ the Russian alphabet! And I have no idea how to read or “trans-literate it”. Anyway, to the point, it is my contention that the Kremlin decided to go on a “fishin’ expedition” — they knew what to use as the bait (?) — now all they had to do was find the reservoir with some “target fish”!! It was — maybe June — Trump had just won the primary — all he needed now was to be declared the official Republican nominee for the Presidency of the United States!! He was gonna “duke it out” with Hillary Clinton — the Democratic nominee. The Trump campaign folks knew they could swing the convention — their candidate had won the nomination over at least 16 Republican ‘wannabes’ — it had been a long and gruelin’ slugfest down to that last opponent standin’!! Now, they wanted to set their sights on that delicious morsel — the Democratic nominee — they were hungerin’ for any and all the salacious, available information on Hillary. Remember the “emails“, etc., rang forth as much as “remember the Alamo” had durin’ the Texas Revolution in the 1830’s.

So the Ruskie’s developed a plan. They would use as bait the notion that they possessed “dirt” on Hillary. That so-called target fish would tantalize the Trump forces. And so they decided on their prime target — the ever-gullible older son-of-Trump — Master Donald Trump, Junior. But they needed a fishin’ line to lure him in — they wanted to communicate with him by sendin’ a tantalizin’ email — one that he could not ignore, but they had to find a “sender”– the so-called fishin’ line and tackle. Ah!! — their search connection!! — it would be the 2013 Miss Universe Contest which was held in Moscow. It was produced under the auspices of a person very close to Putin.

The Donald himself — along with Jr.– had partnered with Putin’s close friend and ally, the well-known Russian oligarch and businessman — Aras Agalorov. The Kremlin recalled that he had co-sponsored the popular event with the Trumps. It was rumored that the main reason papa  Aras did it — was to publicize the talent of his son Emin — the crooner — a Russian songbird (well known within Russia — but nowhere else!). So, his talent would be on full display as the world, and particularly the U.S. of A., would be tuned in to watch the ever popular Miss Universe Contest. And Agalarov, Senior, would use as a conduit — his son’s music publicist — British Rob Goldstone — well known to Junior — the so-called “British Gift to the U.S.” [aside: I could have done a full blog about this character alone. He particularly brings to mind the ole Keystone Kops — a group that most young blog-readers might have to google to recall. Goldstone is quite the character (visually and otherwise) with professional connections to Michael Jackson, Quentin Tarentino, Harvey Weinstein, Betty White — and even the Russian Tearoom has been a client. It was there that he held the U.S. launch-party for Emin Agalorov — with “Emin-tinis”! Need I say more?!]

So, Goldstone sent an email to Trump, Jr., which suggested a meeting with a female Russian lawyer (Natalia Veselnitshaya)  — it was at the behest of the Kremlin — she had “dirt” on Clinton — and they wanted to share it with the Trump team. It was probably answered in a microsecond — with the term “I love it” — included by Junior!! There was quite a few email exchanges before the date was set — and finally, a meeting was to be held in the Trump Tower. Junior had copied his brother-in-law Jared Kushner (Trump, Sr,’s eyes and ears) [aside: The latter bein’ my own description and insertion!] plus a 3rd person — the newly-crowned Campaign Head — Paul Manafort — and, it was those three from Team Trump who attended the meeting!! The three of them were present when the lady lawyer and her translator arrived along with Goldstone, the email originator. Also, but not initially mentioned by Junior when he had finally reported on the meeting (after the recent discovery of the emails by the NY Times), was a thought-to-be former USSR counter-intelligence agent — Rinat Akhmetshin. (Remember: this meeting occurred in mid-June 2016, and it only came to light last weekend, when Donald, Jr., released a whole bunch of emails, just before the Times was set to release their copies.)

Yes, there were eight people in the room, countin’ a Russian interpreter. The lady lawyer offered little, if any “dirt” — and immediately brought up the Magnitsky Law by which Obama had placed U.S. sanctions to withhold visas and freeze assets of Russian oligarchs. Russia was ready to remove the “halt-of-adoptions” by U.S. citizens for Russian children that had been enforced when the Magnitsky Law was introduced. Supposedly, Kushner and Manafort left the meeting after maybe ten minutes — they were not goin’ to hear or obtain any useable info against Clinton. So, what was this all about — all the emails, the muffled excitement, the total disappointment — why had these Russia-backed individuals gone to so much trouble to set up the meeting — come on, you know!! It was KOMPROMAT — KOMPROMAT  — KOMPROMAT — KOMPROMAT.! period. exclamation point! The Russians have been playin’ this game all along. Just let me count the ways –1.) ex-General Flynn with his “sanction phone conversation”; 2.) Jr., Son-in-law, campaign head with this June ’16 meeting; 3.) Kushner’s meeting with Flynn and Ambassador Kislyak; 4.) Kushner’s meeting with Gorkov, head of Putin’s bank; and 5.) The ultimate KOMPROMAT — the dossier developed by ex-British spy (MI-6, ala James Bond) Christopher Steele of ORBIS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, LTD for ex-WSJ columnist Glenn Simpson of FUSION, GPS!!

It’s okay if you want to discount that dossier!! Supposedly, it contains some lurid descriptions of the antics of our current POTUS while he cavorted a bit in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in earlier years. You must remember we did clearly hear his comments on that bus he shared with Billy Bush — and he did make some odd and demeanin’ comments about women on shock-jock Howard Stern’s radio show — when he even brought up daughter Ivanka along the way. Further, I have become an ardent fan of the editor (in-chief) of the New Yorker magazine — in fact, I am a relatively new subscriber to the magazine. In one of his comment-laden articles about Trump, he used these descriptive words “amorality, greed, demagoguery, deception, vulgarity, race-baiting, misogyny … and a murky relationship with a hostile foreign government.” I could not have stated it better, myself! ‘nuf ……..

Post Script: [aside: This portion was written earlier, before the above blog. I was trying to connect the reader with a current Vanity Fair article — I have added what I had written earlier as this Post Script! So, excuse any difficulty in continuity; but read on!]  I had tried to make it simple with the ability to click on Vanity Fair article but, this connection brings up a current Vanity Fair edition dated July 14th with the lead article by Abigail Tracey titled no-less: “Ex-Soviet Spy Confirms He Also Met with Trump Jr.” — WOW!! Talk about coincidences! I had better finish this blog before another Vanity Fair edition is published.

As earlier stated, the intent of this blog was to reiterate the issue of KOMPROMAT. The ability of pro-Russian folks to compromise the unwary, the non-thinkers, the obviously stupid members of the Trump team — includin’ our current POTUS!! In my ridiculously childish manner, I particularly wanted to bring up the “yellow shower” incident that was disclosed in the Steele dossier. One of his clandestine information  suppliers was a female staffer at the Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel where it was so easy to have the Donald’s room equipped for video, sound, and even, still photographs! Can you imagine what explicit items they have “at the ready”!! I am sure that Trump knows it; and he’s aware that all this “blackmail” can be unleashed at a moment’s notice. But, the way things are goin’ — Russia will never have to use their KOMPROMAT — just look at today’s headlines; “Trump Donor Kills Self … He Tried To Get Hillary’s Emails from Russian Hacker” — “Russian Lobbyist Who Allegedly Worked in Soviet Intelligence Attended Trump Tower Meeting with Donald Trump Jr” — “Kushner Wants to Go on Offense over Trump Jr’s Meeting” Please God, save us all!! It’s gettin’ to be a real circus. Oh!! For the days of Republican silliness when they criticized the black POTUS and his family. Even Clinton and Lewinsky somewhat amused us even if it was salacious!! Bush and his VP’s criminal concept of water-boardin’ — as horrible as it was — didn’t make us fear for our country. Today, as long as Donald Trump, his family, and the likes of Bannon, are in the White House — I am fearful for our precious country. How in the world did we let this happen?

KOMPROMAT is the word I was tryin’ my best to emphasize — oh! how horrible it would be to have the leaders of our country beholdin’ to a foreign power!! I have been so caught up with that “K” word that I had not even considered the “T” word. But, now, I stop and think. Maybe, just maybe, in their “self-servin’ manner” — there is a possibility that treason has been committed. Finally, ‘nuf already!  ……

Author: Emiel aka Emiliano Meisel

THIS BIO IS UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY, DON'T BE CONFUSED: April 2016 - I'm living in this "senior facility" with my wife of 65 years! Officially, it's known as Vintage Westwood. As for my bio: I'm over 91 years, caucasion, grew up in the Memphis "hood", graduated USNA at Annapolis, served on Destroyer USS-843, then MIT in Boston area, US Naval aviator, married Harriette, w/3 offspring, one living grandchild, lost one (that's a tear!), 10 years USN, 30 years an IBMer, 24 years 'devouring' Mexico in San Miguel de Allende, and now here in this "geriatric home for the aged" -some inhabitants are 'really' old. Now, I'm a "blogger" - and that almost sounds like a dirty word! A friend has suggested that the place where we live should be titled -- "Elders' Chateau" -- we like it - so that's what we want to call it! Some of these folks are really very, very old, though! So, it's Sept'16, still alive and kickin' and re-naming our facility for bloggin' purposes -- "Casa de los Ancianos del Norte" or CAN. Hope I don't confuse ya!! Update: 11/2/16 -- I am now 92 and on Nov 5th, the wife and I will be wed for 66 years!! The new name of the CAN is "The WATERMARK at Westwood Village" -- snazzy huh!! Will let you know if it works out -OK?? Stay tuned! Guess what? It ain't workin' out so good!! We're bein' EVICTED!!!! 1/12/17 Whoa!! Not yet!! We're an ornery bunch of very, very, very ole folks who are gonna do what we have to do!! (Not leave here!) 1/24/17-- Very Important Entry (VIE): Residents of the CAN live in a RESIDENTIAL HOTEL -- and that's 'g-d' fact! It's up to L.A. City Housing Commission. 2/14/17 Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved RH! Waitin' for City Housing Commission approval. 4/15/17 Watermark still has not furnished drawin's -- it'll probably end up in a "draw". We'll get to stay while they remodel -- that should be "interestin'"!! 6/10/17 It's June and exchangin' offers -- and Bet Tzedek, our pro-bono lawyers, just sent in a counter-proposal -- keepin' our fingers crossed!! On 6/13/17 Received word that the L.A.City Housing Commission decision that "947 Tiverton Ave" is now classified as a RESIDENTIAL HOTEL (Yippee!!) -- stay tuned, somethin's gotta give -- but NO EVICTION ever!! July 2017: Will see 10 inhabitants leave -- our number down to about forty, and the wife and I are stayin'!! 8/17-- Watermark is appealin' -- Bet Tzedek says "no prob"!! Our numbers are depleted -- some passin's and some leavin's -- and we are a bit below 30 -- but we are "'947'-strong!! 10/10/17--Well, it's happenin' -- they have distributed their THP -- and we don't like it. We're all appealin' and Bet Tzedek (God Bless 'em) is with us all the way! 10/23 Stay tuned!! Gonna send my blog in with my "appeal" -- hope he or she has a sense of humor!! 10/31 Happy Halloween!! We lost a guy yesterday -- he passed over to the other side -- he was hangin' in with the rest of us -- just wantin' a decent place to live -- with that loss, and 4 depatures next week -- our number will be reduced to 24 -- that's a good even number!! 11/10: Our official "appeal" will be heard on Nov 20th -- Bet Tzedek will present and others will follow -- my current blog is my "entry" for the appeal. God willin' & creeks don't rise -- we won't be "evicted"!! Keep on -- keepin' on! 11/18: Actually a pro-bono law firm (Manatt's C.J. Laffer, good guy!) will present, and so will the ole guy -- stay tuned!!11/20: Our team did damage to their THP -- it should be cast aside -- vamos a ver!! 12/01/17: On the day exactly one year after we were "evicted" (12/01/16) -- we were notified that our appeal to the "W" THP has been upheld! New THP?? 12/18 Yep!! Revised THP (withdrew Hilgard locaton) same-o, same-o for The Glendon apts. 1/1/18 Happy New Year --wasn't supposed to live so long. Appealin' 2nd THP. 1/13 From 121 to 16 with 3 leavin' soon -- we're down to 13 poor souls -- awaitin' a next move!! iOjala! 1/22/18 Well, we signed up for The Glendon -- move on March 1st -- we'll skip any catered meals and accept a meal stipend for the two of us. We'll just repeat what we did durin' the last years in Mexico (and when we lived in Paris with our dog) -- we'll just walk over to Starbucks or Coffee Bean and have our "petit cream w/croissant" for breakfast and have a late afternoon meal delivered!! Really, not a bad way to live after all -- so, thanks, Watermark!! Welcome to our new world!!

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