My Guy Tom and the Patriots

It’s a bit different when a West Cost guy favors an East Coast sports team.  But we lived in Westport, CT for a number of years and grew to like and root for some  of the ‘right’ coast teams; namely the New England Patriots and the New York Giants in football.  We even cheered the Jets on for a bit too.  When your favorite team gets knocked out of the playoffs, you have to find a 2nd choice.  Although, forever a Dodger fan in baseball, we rooted for the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox. I had gone to school at MIT and got to watch Ted Williams, Dominick DiMaggio, Doerr (sp?), Pesky and Tebbetts (sp?) — the ’47 Red Sox. They went to a playoff for the AL title and lost to Lou Boudreau’s Indians in a one-game playoff. But, I’m getting ahead of myself and “ramblin'”.  This was supposed to be about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

As everyone that watches football, or listens to the news (not just sports news) knows: a 3-judge court are determining if Tom Brady should be banned from the first four games of the upcoming season.  It has to do with air pressure in the footballs at a division playoff game in January ’15.  My understanding is that they are deciding — whether the commissioner has the right to penalize Brady — not whether the balls were under-inflated “illegally”.  The latter has been proven false by any number of ways (even laws of natural science) but it makes no difference in the case. (As an aside: the Patriots ‘creamed’ Indy in that game.)  The judges are going to ban Brady because this ‘stupid’ commissioner ‘has the right to do it’ according to the bylaws that the players’ union agreed to. Recently some fans sued the league or commissioner to drop the whole thing (except for a million-dollar fine to the Pats); but it was ‘thrown out’. As an aside, the Pats also lost a couple of draft choices (a ’16 1st-rounder is one).  So let me net it out — in the coming days Brady will be suspended for the first 4 games of the ’16 Pro Football Season and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  And this commissioner makes about $47 million per year and can’t let his ego — oops, I forgot, the other 31 owners are cheering that Brady won’t play in the 1st 4 games.  I sure hope Brady’s back-up is ready for his ‘coming out’ party ’cause I expect the Pats to be ornery and fighting-mad when the season starts.  Go Pats!!

I’ll pick up my ‘ramblin’ about the Dodgers soon. They are off to a good start; but tend to show weakness in ‘middle relief’.  They are showing off some great ‘young’ talent.  Hope they can find a way to trade or release a few of the ones on the DL. I’ll not mention names now; but one starts with a “G” and another —————-! And it’s not my fav left-handed outfielder who’s been a Dodger forever.   ‘nuf ramblin’ for today!







figuring it out as we go…

Here I am; but where am I??  I thought this would be simple but it’s not quite as easy as I was told!!
I am an old guy — 91 and will be 92 in October, God willin’ and the creeks don’t rise (over my head causing me to drown).  The parenthetical statement would be funny if there wasn’t flooding in southern states and horrendous earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan. But this is supposed to be humorous musings (I forgot — ramblin’s).

The best thing that happened to me today was on Facebook: Norman Lear posted some of his favorite sketches from all of his TV endeavors.  I watched the episode in which Sammy Davis leaves a satchel in Archie’s cab and ends up coming to Archie and Edith’s house to retrieve it.  I laughed so loud that Harriette, my wife of 65 years, heard me; so after lunch we watched it together and neither of us could stop laughing.  Oh, how great Norman Lear was, and still IS — at 93 a modern version of “One Day at a Time” (a Latino version) will be forthcoming.

But the proposed show (opening episode) that I am interested in has not been picked up — it’s in the can (I think that’s the way to say it). He calls it “Guess Who Died” and it takes place in a “senior facility” — meanin’ an old folks’ home — sorta like the place I am now residing.  When you are in your 90’s the title can relate to humor if we are not talking about a specific incident of death.  It’s not uncommon for the statement to be made as if someone is reading the ‘obit’ section of the newspaper; so it’s like a local ‘news release’.  At least that’s the way I think of it.  You have to understand — a few people in our “facility” die every month, so it becomes matter-of-fact kind of statement.  There are quite a few “characters” in this place; so in our odd way, the whole idea can be humorous — not funny ‘ha ha’ but not sad.  I’m sure taking a lot of time explaining myself so I guess there’s a tinge of guilt about this subject.

Talking about Facebook, I only recently started.  I get a liitle ‘preachy’ and make frequent comments as if I am ‘all-knowing’; but I think it can be a release and I do try to keep it in a humorous vein.  I’ve made some good ones; but that’s bragging.  I did make a very serious statement Sunday after watching the HBO show “Confirmation”.  I have always felt that  Anita Hill was “screwed” — not literally, of course — but I feel she was telling the truth.  And if that’s the case we have a lying hypocrit on the Supreme Court.  Since I am a bit liberal in my leanings, it’s not a surprise that I would not care for the man nor his beliefs.  But what little I know is he asked a question for the first time in many years the other day.  And then I watched his wife on TV in the past and decided that she’s a loser in my book.  So, at least, this is an example of my ‘leanings’.

So, for the first post, this is enough.  Why anyone would care too much what I say (besides my loving daughter) is beyond me. That’s enough ramblin’ for today. And here’s my “later” way to end my blogs—- ‘nuf  ……….